Our ace all-rounder

Sue’s approach to her work perfectly fits the way we all think at Athelstans.

She takes her work seriously but not herself, and that’s why she’s become a key figure within our agency.

Sue confesses to being a letting agent for ‘too many years to mention’. (Her words not ours).

But this hard-earned experience means that Sue is second to none when it comes to giving landlords and tenants expert advice.

She loves talking, which is handy in her role because she is an essential point of contact for clients. 

It’s not just chatting that she is head over heels with – she also told us that working at Athelstans is the best job she’s had and that she enjoys getting to the office because of its atmosphere and the camaraderie here.

When she’s not socialising with friends, she enjoys long walks with her two dogs on the stunning beach in Bude.

Her big tip for landlords is to seek professional help to stay the right side of the jungle of rules, regulations and red tape that has engulfed rental properties.