The big boss – literally

She’s big in stature (6ft 3in tall) and has a mountain of enthusiasm for driving Athelstans forward and improving everything we do for our landlords and tenants.

She’s a local maid who has been a letting agent since leaving school, which she assures us wasn’t that long ago.

When Ellie isn’t helping our clients, she can be found walking our Head of Pup-lick Relations (you read that right) or spending time with her Lotus-loving other half (think classic cars rather than yoga poses).

The team’s caring, careful, and can-do culture comes from the top. Ellie’s commitment to doing the best for our clients, and being thorough and thoughtful, seeps into everything we do.

She has an elephant-like memory when it comes to the people and properties we deal with, even if it was just a brief meeting.  

Ellie wanted to be an astronaut as a child and now has an otherworldly calm when faced by challenges. 

When she’s not looking out for her clients, colleagues, and her canine chum, she loves a trip to Bude or Dartmoor.

Ellie’s mantra is, ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll go mad’, which probably explains why despite the constant challenges of being a letting agency owner, she always has a big, welcoming smile on her face.