As a landlord, you have a mountain of responsibilities.

And a tonne of things to remember, especially when it comes to laws and regulations.

There are EPCs, Right to Rent, gas safety checks, electrical inspections, compliance with HHSRS, deposit handling requirements, and service of Prescribed Information just to name a few!

As of mid-2020, we’re fast approaching 200 pieces of different and increasingly complex legislation that affects rental property.

Ignoring those responsibilities can be stressful and is often expensive in the form of hefty fines and worst-case scenarios, even jail sentences.

DIY has its place, usually over a Bank Holiday weekend, but doing it yourself when it comes to managing your rental investment can be the mother of all headaches if you don’t know exactly what you need to be doing.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, far from it.

Now for the Good News

All the mountain of red tape above can be cut through and stacked up neatly if you choose us.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. And our job is to ensure you stay on the safe side of the rental property law. So, you can enjoy your life and benefit from your investment.

We’ve produced a Complete Landlords Toolkit to help guide you through the letting process. Please click here to download the Toolkit.

What many landlords, especially new ones, find helpful is booking a call in with us to do a Tenancy Review.

This is usually a 20-minute chat over the phone where you tell us about your property, your problems, and your ambitions for it. We won’t try to sell you anything, or pressure you into something – we just want to help, and we love talking anyway.

To book in a convenient time for a chat, click here.

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