Head of Pup-lick Relations

Poppy, the Jack Russell, is part of our office’s little and large team when she goes walkies with Ellie.

The most popular and well-known personality in our team, she celebrated her 16th birthday in September 2021, and there’s still plenty of life in the old dog yet.

As the office dog, she gets more attention than anyone else and receives the most treats.

So treat motivated is she, that she knows where the best ones along Launceston’s shopping area are and insists on popping in to see the business owners who spoil her rotten.

In the past, she’s been known to go AWOL from our office. And on more than one occasion was found waiting outside The Bell Inn, which says more about her owners’ habits than it does hers.

You can always find her holding court in our office and welcoming visitors in her friendly furry way.

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