Welcome to St Austell

St Austell is called by some ‘The very heart of Cornwall’ and given its central location and cultural importance, we won’t argue with that.

In the 18th century it used to be a bustling area for china clay mining and at its peak, was said to be worth what would be around £15 billion in today’s money. That’s a lot of clay!

The clay boom ended, but left a legacy of a very unusual and attention-grabbing landscape of large white conical mounds that from a distance look like pyramids.

Despite facing challenging times recently, the town is moving positively forward, and the St Austell Business Improvement D istrict (BID) organisation is looking to improve it as a place to work, live, study and visit.

The popular Eden Project is a short drive from St Austell, and the green theme is maintained by a secret local gardener who has transformed unsightly grass verges into something special by planting flowers and plants.

The Austell Project is another brilliant initiative aimed at helping the town. It aims to stimulate economic growth and get people feeling proud of the place they call home. 

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